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Waterproofing & Flashing Repair

Over the years I have seen lots of moisture issues on fireplace and chimneys, behind walls and above doors and windows. It causes mold where mortar builds up between back of brick wall and the exterior sheeting at the base of the wall first 2 feet. This has gotten to be a problem with newer houses because they have foam board for exterior sheeting not plywood or OSB. NOTE: Flashing can be a stainless 22 gauge sheet metal bent fabricated and lead soldered. Also flashing can be made of 40 mil. rubber membrane with a liquid primer you paint on first. These 3 pictures show installing a 4x6x ½ inch lintel bolted to framing installing a through the wall stainless steel flashing rubber flashing on a cantilever balcony that has leaked for many years.

No Flashing or Moisture Barrier

This is an example in Clear Lake, Texas, where a perfectly good brick wall had to be completely taken down because there was no through-the-wall flashing or moisture barrier on exterior sheeting which caused leakage on the first floor.

What Appears to be a Good Wall

Exposing the Issue

Installing Moisture Barrier

Rebuilding Wall

Metal Flashing Installation

These 3 pictures illustrate the removal of exterior sheeting and replacing with plywood and the installation of through the wall flashing on the base of the wall to prevent moisture from entering the house.

Colored Metal Flashing
Monsord Brown

Bad Flashing Job

Correct Flashing Installation

The correct way to do flashing with a receiver permanently embedded into brick work.

Stainless Steel Flashing with a Receiver Permanently Embedded in Brick Work